Join in-concert ‘Brother’

The Heutink Foundation supports a wonderful, interactive project by Orchestra of the East called the Join-in concert. This special concert allows children in the audience to fully participate in the performance. Children are encouraged to clap, dance and even do the Mexican wave – everything which is usually frowned upon during a classical concert. The actors of the Youth theatre group ‘Sonnevanck’ ensure the children are compassionately and actively involved in the show. The Join-in concert enables children to get acquainted with classical music and theatre in a playful and involved way.

The Join-in concert is organised for primary school children from groups 5 to 7 in Overijssel , together with refugee children from Dutch asylum centres. Monique Wijnker, educational assistant of the Orchestra of the East explains: “Simultaneously, classical music lets (refugee) children forget the world for a moment and gives everyone a sense of pride and solidarity while making music together”.

Join-in concert ‘Brother’

For months refugee children from asylum centres throughout the Netherlands and pupils from primary schools in Overijssel have been practising for the join-in concert ‘Brother’, which Theatre Sonnevanck and Orchestra of the East have developed for the Dutch Council for Refugees. The concert is part of the Eigen-Wijs project of the Council for Refugees where music activities are offered to children in asylum seeker centres to try and help them forget their difficulties for a moment. Brother is an exciting concert based on a beautiful story. The music of Giuseppe Verdi forms the musical basis. Everything which is not usually permitted during a classical concert, is allowed here: standing up to make a Mexican wave, clapping loudly, dancing and singing along. The refugee children and primary school pupils become co-musicians in this concert.

The story behind Brother

Ketim gives a surprise party for his twin brother Raban. The brothers used to do everything together, but now they have not spoken to each other for a long time. The orchestra is ready and the children are sitting in the theatre hall. Raban is surprised when he enters. He hopes his brother has nothing to do with the party, because he never wants to see him again. What happens next? Does Ketim and Raban become close brothers again? Theatre Sonnevanck and Orchestra of the East have developed educational material to enable teachers to carry out this project at their school. There are five lessons available for schools which include videos and examples of all songs, dance, body percussion and soundscapes.