The Talent tent!

There are many children in the suburb Schilderswijk in The Hague who depend on ‘De Mussen’ community centre for their leisure activities. In fact, more than 600 children, teenagers and young people visit De Mussen every week. When asked in group discussions, children admit to having very few hobbies. Not many children are affiliated to a (sports) association and they often have no idea of what they actually like. This is why the community centre offers a diverse range of homework support, sports activities and courses in the local area. Available seven days a week and during all school holidays. These activities and courses allow children to explore different disciplines, as well as discover what they actually like and are good at. Cultural education is important to De Mussen and this is why the centre collaborates with cultural institutions to ensure every child gets a structural introduction to art, culture, heritage and media.

The Talent tent!

Children become acquainted with various art and cultural activities in an accessible way during regular (free walk-in) activities at De Mussen. Once stimulated and curious, they can participate in art and culture courses from the talent development programme ‘The Talent Tent!’. Following discussions with children and parents, 11 courses have been developed and are now available at Talent Tent! There are various disciplines on offer including: music, drama/theatre, dance, visual arts, heritage, literature and media. After following the course, children have the opportunity to develop a specific talent further through associations or schools. This is how The Talent Tent! delivers an important contribution to both meaningful leisure activities, talent development and broadening the horizons of young people in disadvantaged areas.

De Heutink Foundation supports the following 2 courses:

  • Drama/theatre (9 – 12 years old): Teachers and scientists agree that drama has a positive effect on the personal development of a child. Children learn about the art of theatre through drama. During this course children learn to appreciate and understand expressions through ‘pretend to be’ play.
  • Atelier de Mussen (7-12 years old): Visual art education contributes to continuity in the development of children, through alternating exercises in school skills with visual activities. It gives students the opportunity to express themselves. They learn to translate between abstract and concrete: how do I express a feeling or idea on my own? If a student goes through a visual process, he/she must make choices, dare to intervene and problem-solve. A good visual arts process is when a student is challenged to make those choices and build individuality and self-confidence. This helps the student to develop autonomy and his/her own writing or visual language.

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