Workshops in Lesbos

At the beginning of May 2018, ten colleagues from Heutink flew to Lesbos on behalf of the Heutink Foundation and Movement On The Ground to run cultural workshops for less fortunate children. These children were forced to leave their country and now wait day after day for a new future. During the workshops the children spent hours playing with 3D printers, making pinball machines and tying knots in paracord bracelets. All materials, including the 3D printers, have remained on Lesbos for future use.

Therapeutic value

It seems that the workshops had therapeutic value. By letting children be the ‘creators’ themselves, we hope to have made a small contribution to their autonomy, self-confidence and self-worth. Or at least let them forget their worries for a moment by leaving behind our warmth, creativity and love for children. We want to help promote the message from Movement On The Ground: let’s work together, learn from each other and give people their self-esteem back.

Jessica Heutink: “Last year when I had the idea of visiting the refugee camps in Lesbos with my colleagues, I didn’t realise it would be so impactful. Ten of us began this journey together. We first devised and produced valuable workshops at our company in Rijssen, which we then rolled out on the island of Lesbos. We entertained 70 children in camp Moria and 45 children in Kara Tepe for hours. We wanted to leave behind a fond memories and hope with the children. I think we succeeded. This is a story that we want the world to know about.

Click below for an impression of our visit to Lesbos (in Dutch).