Underprivileged children in the spotlight

In the Netherlands, 1 in 9 children still live in poverty. These children are often unable to participate in cultural activities because of this hardship. These activities can however have a major impact on their talent development, positive self-image and emotional intelligence. The Heutink Foundation is committed to enabling children and young teenagers, in underprivileged, poor or uncertain circumstances, to actively participate in cultural pursuits such as a dance show, orchestra performance or art exhibition. To have a moment in the spotlight. To stand on a stage and stand out, in a life full of ups and downs.

The Heutink Foundation also supports international projects

Poverty is creating unequal opportunities in numerous countries throughout the world, not just in the Netherlands. Many children in war zones and developing countries experience a lack of opportunities and security, which hinders their development. Sometimes their situation is so unsafe or hopeless that they even have to flee their own country. Special attention to development and education are important elements in processing trauma and fighting against poverty and inequality. The Heutink Foundation contributes to this by supporting international projects in the field of (cultural) education and talent development.