Collaboration with Orchestra of the East

Thanks to a sponsorship contribution from the Heutink Foundation in Rijssen, the Orchestra of the East can again produce Join-in concerts this school year for primary school students throughout Overijssel.

Singing, dancing, drumming and a Mexican wave – all the things that are usually frowned upon during a concert of a symphony orchestra are encouraged at a join-in concert. The concert this year, entitled ‘Brother’, is intended for pupils and refugee children staying in an asylum centre.

Feeling proud and connected

“During the join-in concerts, we introduce young school children to appealing, high-quality classical music”, says Monique Wijnker, educational staff member of the orchestra. “Simultaneously, classical music lets the (refugee) children forget about the world around them and gives them a sense of pride and solidarity when they play music together”.

5,000 children

The coming school year an estimated 5,000 children can participate with Orchestra of the East in concert halls in Enschede, Kampen and Deventer thanks to the sponsorship contribution from the Heutink Foundation. The young participants follow an educational programme at school in preparation.

Heutink Foundation

The relatively young Heutink Foundation originates from The Heutink Group in Rijssen, a family business which now operates internationally and, as a total supplier of educational materials, contributes to the development of children worldwide. The Heutink Foundation aims to enable children in underprivileged, poor or uncertain situations to participate in activities which stimulate them to develop their talent, self-image and self-esteem.

From 8th June 2017 the join-in concert of Orchestra of the East will start in collaboration with the Heutink Foundation.

Source: Tubantia, Dutch newspaper.