Visit to the Kara Tepe camp, Lesbos

In the beginning of June, Jessica Heutink, chairperson of the Heutink Foundation, and board member Maartje Schel visited the Kara Tepe camp on Lesbos to see how the educational materials sponsored by the foundation are used and to help the volunteers of Movement on the Ground. A special and emotional experience.

Maartje writes about her experience: “Last week Jessica and I were given the opportunity through the Heutink Foundation to help the volunteers from Movement on the Ground for a few days at Kara Tepe camp on Lesbos. We handed out nutritious, nocturnal meals related to Ramadan, washed thousands of bowls, swung skipping ropes, danced with the most beautiful ladies, watched our friends get the Community kitchen working with their generator … and we visited all the families to ask which children wanted to participate in the FC Barcelona football clinic. A rewarding task which gave me hope and confidence.

“Is Messi coming?” was asked from all the tiny children, their eyes sparkling and their football shirts already on … ready to go to sleep. These children still dare to dream… dream of nutmegs, full stadiums and standing side by side with Messi. The hearts of these children which, despite everything they have experienced, are convinced this is within reach. And rightly so, because it did happen – but minus Messi. It happened in a full stadium with real Barca players. Football is the future, it fraternises, connects and gives hope. Movement on the Ground understands this like no one else! We are ambassadors for life… thank you for this experience”.