Film Festival for Forgotten Children

Stand in the limelight of your own film and walk the red carpet at Tuschinski. The Forgotten Child Foundation annually organises an awe-inspiring real-life premiere for dozens of children from all across the Netherlands with: ‘The Forgotten Child Film Festival’. In 2018 and 2019, the Heutink Foundation was the main sponsor and partner of this film festival. We, at Heutink, are very proud of this collaboration because our vision and goals are so alike. Together we can put more less fortunate and forgotten children in the spotlight!

Film Festival 2018 and 2019

Under the guidance of professional film coaches and well-known ambassadors of ‘The Forgotten Child’, children from asylum seeker centres and Dutch primary school children produce films about their personal lives and what it’s like living in an asylum seeker centre. Together they devise and make short feature films (± 6 minutes) in one day about a current topic in the centres. The children act, film and direct the film themselves. Ten well-known Dutch celebrities (including the famous ambassadors such as Johnny de Mol, Babette van Veen, Saar Koningsberger and Juvat Westendorp) play great supporting roles in the films.

All the child film producers are welcomed like real celebrities to a real-life premiere and get to walk the red carpet of the impressive Pathé Tuschinski theatre. This is where they get to present their films to a professional jury. This jury awards prizes for the best film, best acting performance and the best story. The public can also cast their vote via a ballot paper and determine which film deserves the audience prize.