Materials for Lesbos

The Heutink Foundation has sponsored two full pallets of educational materials, a large number of world instruments and face-painting sets to Movement on the Ground. These materials will be used for children’s activities, which are organised every morning for the little ones in the Kara Tepe camp on Lesbos. In addition, the educational materials will be used during the lessons for the older children in the camp.

Camp Kara Tepe is one of three refugee camps on Lesbos and the camp where, having come from an unsafe situation and after an uncertain boat trip, the most vulnerable groups reside. Elderly people, families, pregnant women and minors travelling alone are cared for here and often stay for at least 1 to 1.5 years. The Movement on the Ground Foundation, founded by a group of creative entrepreneurs in response to the current refugee crisis, has been working hard for two years to make the camp a worthy, respectful and sustainable ‘community’. (Talent) development among children is one of the key aspects they promote. They organise various activities for the children including a special football programme.

A worthy destination for our materials. We hope these contribute a little to the development, self-confidence, faith and hope of these traumatised and vulnerable children.