Theatre and dance lessons in Curaçao

Drazans is a Youth Theatre School in Curaçao which stimulates the artistic, personal and social-emotional development of children and young people from disadvantaged regions. The Heutink Foundation supports Drazans with a structural, annual contribution which allows 400 students to work on their creativity, self-confidence, social skills on a weekly basis through the enchanting influence of theatre. Drazans stands for: working together, respecting one another, trusting yourself and your own talents.

Youth theatre school

Drazans is a Youth Theatre School in Curaçao, which was established in April 2015 as part of the Kurá di Arte school in the Pietermaai district. Drazans stimulates the artistic and personal development of children and young people between the ages of 4 and 20. They organise theatre, dance and music lessons, as well as staging performances in theatres and schools in a large number of disadvantaged areas. Over the last few years, Drazans has produced several successful shows which thousands of people have attended. To add to this, Drazans teachers offer theatre and dance lessons to 800 students a year at a large number of local schools throughout the island. This is how they try to create a safe, multi-cultural environment in which children can grow and develop.

Theatre and dance lessons at 4 schools

During the last two school years, Drazans has given weekly theatre and dance lessons to 4 schools in the regions of Koraal Specht, Seru Fortuna, Brievengat and Buena Vista. These disadvantaged areas have been designated as poverty stricken areas by the Central Bureau of Statistics. Thanks to a financial contribution from the Heutink Foundation, Drazans will be able to reach approximately 400 children with weekly lessons in schools in these areas over the coming years. Continuity is of course very important. Teachers have noted during evaluations that there is definite progress in the self-confidence of children. This can be seen, for example, in oral presentations or book reviews.

“The students in my class are better at empathising with the emotions and feelings of other classmates since they started theatre lessons”.

Teachers have also noticed that their oral skills have improved. After taking up drama lessons, the normally shy children now dare to be heard in other lessons. Some are more likely to express their opinion or dare to raise their finger in the classroom. In addition, all teachers from Brievengat and Seru Foruna have noted that the students who participated in drama lessons, quarrel less often than the other students.

Structural nature

We try to encourage children from disadvantaged regions who have talent or great motivation to come to Drazans by offering them a place with us. This helps them to develop further. Often the reimbursement of a bus ticket, supporting a purchase of a costume or just breakfast on performance days is a necessity for these children.