‘Sometimes I dream of shoes

Our visit to Lesbos in May this year with ten colleagues led to a very successful shoe campaign. A total of 2,500 pairs of shoes were transported to the Kara Tepe camp in Lesbos in early June and were gratefully received there. Jessica Heutink explains:

“During the tour of Kara Tepe (refugee camp on Lesbos), we came across a ‘shop’ where the residents were allowed to pick out a number of items of clothing and shoes every three months. The lady of the organisation explained how there was a huge shortage of sandals, flip flops and sneakers. When we came out of the premises we took a quick glance at each other and we knew the campaign had begun.

Rijssen and Oisterwijk became the collection points. It seemed as if the shoes were pouring in from every nook and cranny. Retailers, associations, individuals, colleagues all wanted to help… new shoes, used shoes, laces, new soles, spray… everything was collected and handed in. With the help of many volunteers we cleaned, selected and packed all the shoes in one evening. What a successful campaign and great collaboration between different companies within the Heutink Group. It makes me so proud!”.